Phone a Friend

Remember that game show? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? They’d give the contestant 3 “life lines” one of which was to “phone a friend”. In recovery, it can sometimes seem like the hardest thing to do to pick up a phone and call someone to talk. Why is it so hard to ask forContinue reading “Phone a Friend”

CoDA Tool Tuesday-self-care

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Anyone who has ever flown in a plane has heard these instructions. It’s so well known that so many of us don’t even really pay attention while they are talking. It is good safety advice and even better life wisdom. Put your oxygen mask on yourself first. IfContinue reading “CoDA Tool Tuesday-self-care”

Step One

We admitted we were powerless over others- that our lives had become unmanageable. Step One of Co-Dependents Anonymous My home group focuses on the step corresponding to the month. January is one, February…two, etc. So this week’s CoDA Tool Tuesday piece is on step one. Step one is a tool I use all the time.Continue reading “Step One”

What is detachment? And how do I let go?

The tool of detachment is a powerful way we can deal with situations that could harm us. It is a choice to disengage emotionally from people or situations. We strive to detach with love for ourselves and others knowing that we are not responsible for the behavior of others and they are not responsible forContinue reading “What is detachment? And how do I let go?”

Serenity Now!

It’s CoDA tool Tuesday and I find myself in a place that requires one of my favorite tools…acceptance. I’m at the DMV. As I walked in with hopefully all the papers needed to do my renewals, I was greeted by a smiling woman who informed me that the wait time would be an hour andContinue reading “Serenity Now!”

Coda Tool Tuesday…CoDA Meetings

This is not a self help program. It’s mutual support. I can read and learn on my own and that’s all fine and dandy but for me, it can’t replace the experience I get in attending regular CoDA meetings. I, like so many, had read Melody Beattie’s book, Co-dependent No More. If that’s all itContinue reading “Coda Tool Tuesday…CoDA Meetings”

CoDA Tool Tuesday!

There are so many tools to help us in our journey of recovery from codependency. Here’s an excerpt written by the CoDA communications committee just in time for the holidays…. How do codependents take care of themselves during the stress of the holidays? Here are some suggestions: 1. Go to as many meetings as youContinue reading “CoDA Tool Tuesday!”