Love is an ability

I was listening to an interview of meditation teacher and author, Sharon Salzberg this morning. She quoted a line from a movie which said, ‘love is not a feeling, love is an ability”. She went on to ask what if we thought about love primarily as an ability? Sharon explained…That means it’s not in theContinue reading “Love is an ability”

Just for Now

By Stephanie Just for now, Rest in me, Nowhere to be, Nothing to do, No one to save. Just for now, Quiet your mind, No answers needed, Nothing to figure out Nothing to prove. Just for now, Relax your whole being, Knowing you are held, In an eternal embrace, By something greater than you. JustContinue reading “Just for Now”

CoDA Tool Tuesday-self-care

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Anyone who has ever flown in a plane has heard these instructions. It’s so well known that so many of us don’t even really pay attention while they are talking. It is good safety advice and even better life wisdom. Put your oxygen mask on yourself first. IfContinue reading “CoDA Tool Tuesday-self-care”

The Chameleon

Chameleoning.  My spell checker doesn’t recognize it.  I just hate when we take a noun and use it like a verb…adulting, Googling… It’s just that I have a hard time finding a better word to describe what I do when I change who I am to please someone else, to fit in, to avoid conflict,Continue reading “The Chameleon”