CoDA exists because we all participate and give back in some way through service. In CoDA we practice self-care and our recovery grows as we serve. There are several ways you can get involved in MinnCoDA.

Join Intergroup

Healthy CoDA group meetings are connected to the CoDA fellowship beyond the meeting room walls. Therefore, CoDA groups in Minnesota have joined together to form our Intergroup. Intergroup accomplishes things that a single group cannot, such as maintaining up-to-date meetings lists, hosting this website, and sponsoring events.  Intergroup meets bi-monthly to conduct Group Conscience business meetings that support a sustainable MinnCoDA program. Visit the Intergroup page to see past meeting minutes and future meeting dates.

Trusted servant positions at the State / Intergroup level runs two year terms. Duties may include:

  • Group Representative (GSR) | A meeting group may have one GSR (or team of two co-GSRs that alternate) attending bi-monthly Intergroup meetings. GSRs are voting members, connect meeting groups to Intergroup, and give announcements at meetings. The volunteer term is two years.
  • Intergroup Secretary | Assists in setting the agenda, takes minutes and provides them to the fellowship and keeps track of attendance.
  • Intergroup Treasurer | Assists in setting the agenda. Maintains financial records for MinnCoDA Intergroup and provides a report at bi-monthly meetings. Collects donations and pays bills per the directives of the GSRs.
  • Intergroup Vice-Chair | Assists in setting the agenda, leads the meeting or takes minutes in absence of other officers and assists the chair in running the bimonthly meetings.
  • Intergroup Chair | Assists in setting the agenda and initiates bimonthly officer meetings. Leads the meetings of GSRs bi-monthly and supports MinnCoDA’s mission through communication with individuals, committees and groups. Coordinates with host groups and facility prior to Intergroup meetings.

Serve your Home Group

Those that find a regular meeting they call home, may give back to their Home Meeting through group service. Meeting groups may have the following rotating positions to help support sustainable and healthy meetings:

  • Meeting Participation | Participate during a CoDA meeting to read meeting materials aloud, share group or MinnCoDA announcements, and/or share for three to five minutes if/when the meeting is open for sharing. We all serve in CoDA when we attend meetings, give as we are able, and witness and/or share our experience, strength and hope.
  • Meeting Leader | The meeting leader rotates weekly and simply reads a provided script to support the meeting’s safety and structure. Sign up at your local meeting. You’re never too new to lead a meeting.
  • Meeting Greeters | The meeting greeter rotates weekly and volunteers to come early to set up, welcome newcomers and answer questions are crucial to the program. We remember what it was like when we first walked in to a meeting and we extend the hand of CoDA to those coming in after us.
  • Group Service Representative (GSR) | A CoDA group can have one GSR or a team of two co-GSRs that alternate attending bi-monthly Intergroup meetings. GSRs are voting members that carry their group conscience to the local CoDA Intergroup meetings; and then report to their group on the outcomes. They also notify their group of any MinnCoDA or CoDA World updates: sharing announcements, community events and any education topics covered at Intergroup meetigs. The volunteer term is two years.
  • Group Secretary | The group’s business representative and liaison to the meeting facility. They plan and conduct “business meetings” regularly (agenda items may include: elections, meeting format, procedures, etc.) and keeps records of Group Conscience decisions and Group Inventory work. They may also maintain the group’s phone list (some groups have a separate phone list service position.)
  • Group Treasurer | This service includes keeping accurate group financial records of and giving regular reports at meetings on income, expenses, and prudent reserve. They pay rent to the meeting facility for use of the meeting room and disburse Seventh Tradition funds in accordance with Group Conscience. Often this trusted servant works with a group’s Literature Rep to purchase and sell CoDA approved literature at meetings.
  • Group Literature Representative | This person takes the lead to put CoDA Endorsed literature out at the meeting, works with the treasurer to keep track of group literature supplies to re-order as needed and refers newcomers and CoDA members to available CoDA literature. It is helpful to highlight a specific item each week or month when giving the literature announcement during the meeting.
  • Group Contact | Meetings may have one or two group contacts. They agree to be listed along with a phone and/or email on the meeting listing. Newcomers or members may reach out for info or with questions about the meeting. This is an easy way to carry the message to newcomers and give service! Group contacts also keep their meeting listing current. To update your meeting’s listing on the Meeting Locator click the “Update this Meeting” link under the map.
  • Become a Sponsor | Both the lack of people willing to become sponsors and a lack of sponsors who are working the 12 Steps is an ongoing concern in our fellowship. CoDA’s booklet “Sponsorship: What’s in It for Me?” addresses the common roadblocks and questions many of us have had about sponsoring in CoDA. Becoming a sponsor is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in recovery and a critical part of CoDA’s spiritual practice.
    • Sponsors (or those considering sponsoring) can find ongoing support by joining in on monthly online Sponsor Support meetings put on by members of our fellowship.
      See the dates and link to join via Zoom on our Event Calendar.

When we take ownership and give back in these ways, meetings grow in health and number.

Join a Committee

Practice the Recovery Patterns with trustworthy people by joining a committee. MinnCoDA Committees (self-functioning or in collaboration with other committees) keep our community healthy, active, and supportive.

Start a New Meeting

People willing to start a new meeting may have varying levels of experience in CoDA or other 12 Step fellowships and need different levels of support. On our CoDA Meeting Materials page, you will find helpful tools needed to start a meeting including the foundational documents, sample meeting formats, and more. Brand new meetings can be registered with and will receive a start-up packet. MinnCoDA Intergroup can also be helpful to new meetings. They can provide start-up financial support and spread the word to the larger CoDA and MinnCoDA community.

If you are starting a new meeting, contact us.

Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the codependent who still suffers. (Tradition 5)