Step 8

~adapted from the Twelve Steps Handbook of CoDA In this moment, I see the impossible become not only possible, but real.As I forgive myself for my shortcomings, I am able to forgive others, opening the way for a true and lasting change in my behavior.Thank you, God. Step 8 Prayer Made a list of allContinue reading “Step 8”

Steps 6 & 7

adapted from CoDA’s “12 Steps Handbook” Step 6: “Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”What does it mean to be entirely ready? In CoDA, we learn that it means completely prepared. The first five steps are a large part of that preparation. What we need now is willingness. What areContinue reading “Steps 6 & 7”

Phone a Friend

Remember that game show? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? They’d give the contestant 3 “life lines” one of which was to “phone a friend”. In recovery, it can sometimes seem like the hardest thing to do to pick up a phone and call someone to talk. Why is it so hard to ask forContinue reading “Phone a Friend”

Choosing the recovery side of the street

by Terrie C I affirm that the codependent behaviors that I learned helped me survive. I honor them. It is also true that they are a dysfunction that keeps me from joy. Now, I wish to live more on the recovery pattern side of the street. Learning takes place from repetition. Especially when old habitsContinue reading “Choosing the recovery side of the street”