Information for Professionals

Are you a therapist or other helping professional?

Learn how CoDA can assist your clients.

Do some of your clients demonstrate codependent behaviors? CoDA may be helpful. Psychologists, mediators, clergy, social service providers and many other professionals may work with people who could be helped by the Program of Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Many people are unaware of CoDA and what it offers. The information provided is meant to educate professionals and those they work with about codependency and Co-Dependents Anonymous. Please share CoDA materials, literature and information when appropriate with your patients, clients and those you serve.

Local meetings—a good place to start

Check out a local meeting firsthand.

You are welcome to attend any “open” meeting. Identify yourself by first name only, not as a professional. You are not required to share. Please do not give advice; sharing is about our own experiences.

A CoDA meeting is a group of people who come together around their shared desire for healthy and loving relationships.

top view photo of people handshaking

CoDA is a 12 Step Fellowship
and peer support group…
not therapy or a class.