be true to yourself

by Terrie C. I am a trauma survivor.  I had difficulty feeling like I belonged in my family.  I have struggled most of my life to feel like I belong.  I feel fear in meetings because I choose not to identify myself as a codependent.  And, I know, that to be true to myself, thatContinue reading “be true to yourself”

The four horsemen of control

Man have I been backsliding into my old friend Control. It’s okay though as most of the world seems to be joining me. I’m watching people doing all kinds of things to try to “stay safe”, protect others…and even police the behavior of people around them. Control patterns are often the first place someone noticesContinue reading “The four horsemen of control”

Choosing the recovery side of the street

by Terrie C I affirm that the codependent behaviors that I learned helped me survive. I honor them. It is also true that they are a dysfunction that keeps me from joy. Now, I wish to live more on the recovery pattern side of the street. Learning takes place from repetition. Especially when old habitsContinue reading “Choosing the recovery side of the street”