Step 10

In this moment, I live my life in a new way.As I continue to open my heart and mind, little by little,one day at a time, I reveal my true self, mend my relationships,and touch God. Step 10 Prayer The 10th Step Prayer is my favorite one of the 12. What a hope-filled affirmation ofContinue reading “Step 10”

Breaking the barrier of perfectionism

I’m a double winner of sorts…recovering co-dependent and a recovering perfectionist.
Codependents often are other-focused. We often care too much about what others think about us. We believe the lie that our value comes from outside ourselves so it’s important to us that we appear perfect.

Self-compassion toward our bodies by Dr Kristin Neff

It’s common for us to feel uncomfortable about our bodies, especially after the holiday season. We may judge them as not thin enough or attractive enough or strong enough or young enough or healthy enough. An important part of self-compassion is extending kindness and care to the physical form we inhabit, appreciating its gifts ratherContinue reading “Self-compassion toward our bodies by Dr Kristin Neff”