Came To Believe

In this moment,
I can believe that I am never alone;
I can experience the sense of freedom that having a Higher Power offers me.
I can remind myself that believing is also an action,
and if I am willing to practice it, one moment at a time,
I will develop faith.

Step Two Prayer

In Step One, we admitted we had no power over another. We acknowledged that focusing on others to feel good about ourselves had become a compulsion over which we had become powerless.

In Step Two, we learned our resources alone were not sufficient for recovery. We were offered an alternative, one for which we had been unknowingly seeking, a relationship with a Higher Power and the assurance that we were not alone.

Although coming to believe may have been gradual, in the beginning all we needed to attain it was the willingness to attend CoDA meetings and keep an open mind.

Step Two tells us there is hope. Little by little, one day at a time, we come to believe that we can count on the promise of a loving Higher Power. We are offered a new way of life, one in which we need not be alone.

Excerpt from the Twelve Steps Handbook, Co-Dependents Anonymous

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