“Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the codependent who still suffers.”

~Tradition 5

Come grow in service for MinnCoDA! Contact us today!

Without all of us participating and giving of ourselves in some way through service work, CoDA cannot survive. We have several ways you can get involved in growing CoDA in our state!

Start new meetings

People willing to start a new meeting may have varying levels of experience in CoDA or other 12-Step fellowships and need different levels of support. On our CoDA material and literature page, you will find helpful tools needed to start a meeting including the foundational documents, sample meeting formats, and more! New meetings can be registered with and will receive a start-up packet. MinnCoDA intergroup can also be helpful to new meetings, providing financial help and helping to spread the word to the larger CoDA community. If you are starting a new meeting, contact us.

MinnCoDA Intergroup

Healthy meetings connect with the CoDA Fellowship beyond the meeting room walls. Groups in MN have joined together to form our ‘Intergroup’, to accomplish things that a single group cannot, such as maintaining up-to-date meetings lists and sponsoring events.  MinnCoDA conducts bi-monthly business Group Conscience meetings to support the running/growth of CoDA in MN.

Service Committees

A great way to help grow the program is to volunteer on one of our committees. MinnCoDA has several work groups working to plan events, support growth and carry the message. Please consider how you can assist:

  • Fun events,
  • Outreach,
  • Spring Mini-conference,
  • Fall Retreat

Service is our way of passing on to others what has been given to us.